Best Movies for Summer, Winter Olympics and Sports History

 Many high schools are offering courses in sports history. The Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics make great subject matter to explore in sports classes. Here are better sports and Olympics movies to show in the classroom or homeschool. When I wrote this article, I'd not yet seen "Miracle." This retells the victory of the American hockey team over Russia in the 1980 Olympics (despite the fact that I despise hockey, I watched these games as a teen in 1980--what a time!) Best Classroom Movies for Sports and Olympics History 

Things Parents Need to Home School Successfully

I remember fondly my 10 years homeschooling our four kids. I admit that time has probably glossed over some the challenges. I t was difficult to lose my income and homeschooling hurt my later career opportunities, but my husband and I have never regretted our choice. If you're considering homeschooling, here are some things you'll need to be successful. Read more at Things Parents Need to Homeschool Successfully. 

Teaching kids to understand and express emotions safely

Let your kid act up in public and you can be sure that some supposedly well-meaning (irritating) citizen will comment on how you can't control your child.  Maybe it's because people just need their daily dose of schadenfreude. Maybe it's that they've seen so many monstrously-behaved kids.

Homeschool kids (and parents) seem to come under heavier criticism (at least back when when I was homeschooling). Homeschoolers tend to take their children with them more often. And let's face it, by homeschooling  we're saying we're better fit to teach our kids than anyone else. We've set ourselves up on pedestals to some extent. Should people expect that our kids will be better behaved? I think they do. I think we do owe it to society to keep our kids in line.

Having said that, I'll be the first to admit that corralling a naughty kid, homeschooled or otherwise ain't easy. Short of gagging and hog-tying, a parent can't force an unruly child into submission. The ground work has to be done within the family. Children have to learn self-control. The best way is to do this is to teach kids how emotions work and how to manage them. Here are tools and feeling-facts for kids (and parents who love them).  Teaching kids to understand and express emotions safely 

Reasons Parents and Kids Should Cut Back on Facebook

Over a third of Facebook users are spending less time on the social network, says a recent study in Reuters. I'm not surprised. Though I still used my account for networking, I've avoiding Facebook for general use. Here's why.

Yes, I know, I probably sound like an out-of-touch old curmudgeon (can women be that? maybe it's curmudgeoness?). It's not that I've got a problem with socializing or online activities. Much of my work is done online. It's just that Facebook use (and to be fair other social network use) is mushrooming out of control. It's taking over healthy face-to-face dialog and replacing it with shallow, unfulfilling interaction. It's taking its toll on families and relationships. Not only kids, but parents are spending way too much time connected to the net and disconnected at home. Here are some considerations. Seven Reasons I'm Logging Out of Facebook 

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