American History Lesson Plans: Christopher Columbus

American History and Biography Lesson Plans: Christopher Columbus
4th of July is a great time to re-discover American history, beginning with Columbus. Christopher Columbus is credited with discovery of the New World, or America. Columbus was from Genoa in Italy. He was an explorer, mapmaker and navigator. Read More

WAHM Balance Work and Family: Handling Interruptions, Setting Boundaries

How WAHM Balance Family and Work- Handling Interruptions and Setting Boundaries The internet is one of the fastest growing source of jobs for SAHM, Stay-at-home-moms and WAHM, Work- at- home moms. A WAHM faces similar issues balancing work and home. Let's look at the problem of setting boundaries with family. Read More

Easy, DIY, Recycled Math Manipulatives

Recycled Math Manipulatives for Teaching Algebra  Educational wisdom says that students learn best when they do hands on tasks. The more students interact with materials the faster they learn and the better they retain concepts. Here are diy, recycled materials for math manipulatives. Read More

Cheap Homemade Reading Games--Scrabble, Boggle Letter Dice for Word Games

DIY Scrabble Letter Dice Word Games for Reading Games and Spelling
Summer means freedom and fun for kids, but summer can also take its toll on retention of material learned over the school year. Here's a fun, easy DIY game to make and play with children and tweens to keep reading, writing and spelling skills fresh. Read More

Summer Family Activities in Grand Rapids, Michigan- Festival, Music, Entertainment

Summer Happenings in Grand Rapids, Michigan Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, is where summer fun is born. Hoppin' happenings include WLAV Blues on the Mall, RAIN, Local First Street Party, Sidewalk Chalk Flood, Eastown Bizarre Bazaar and much more. Read More

Homemade Learning Games--Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling

Inexpensive, Easy DIY Summer ELA, Spelling, Writing, Math and Reading Reinforcement Kit One educational issue that worries parents and teachers during the summer is retention of concepts learned in school. How can we prevent kids from forgetting everything they were taught? Here's an easy, inexpensive alternative to expensive summer tutoring. Read More

Free Printable Gulf Oil Spill Lesson Plans for Environmental Science

BP Oil Spill-- Ecology, Life Science and Environment Lesson Plans to Teach Students About Oil Spills The BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill has been pouring 5,000-70,000 barrels into the gulf daily for almost a month. Life science, ecology, biology, environmental science, earth science and wildlife biology are excellent classes to explore the gulf oil spill. Read More

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