How Parents Effectively Homeschool Kids, Learning Theory In the Home

I'm a teacher and former homeschool parent. I've explored learning theory inside out and found home an ideal teaching environment. It's best-suited to real-life learning experiences. And parents are a child's primary educators. You don't have call yourself a "homeschooler." Parenting IS educating--every day, all the time. Here are effective ways to teach children in regular family activities. How Parents Effectively Teach Kids at Home, Learning Theory Into Practice 

Free Printable American, US Patriotic Crafts for Memorial Day

I love making crafts and I love things patriotic, especially vintage American. I'm sentimental that way. Memorial Day is the perfect opportunities for families and homeschoolers to make patriotic crafts. Here are free printable American themed crafts. These free printable activities might be used as lesson plans. A hands-on activity livens up any lesson in school. Use these crafts and activities for American history, Government, Civics, Social Studies, Geography and other similar classes. I've included lessons for many different age groups.  Free Printable Patriotic Projects and Activities

Free Printable Stations of the Cross, Rosary Stained Glass Coloring Pages

The the mysteries of the rosary and Stations of the Cross are often shown in stained glass windows of Catholic and Christian churches. These Bible images tell the story of Our Lord's passion. Here are free printable coloring pages of images from the rosary, made from stained glass window images. May is a Our Blessed Virgin Mary's month. On Mother's Day, we honor her, too. Use these printables to get to know Our Lady better.

Homeschool families, summer is a great time to explore liturgy, saints and church teaching more closely. Summer is the major season of ordinary time. You may be taking a break from more intense studies. As a former homeschool mom, I recommend using this time to prepare for upcoming seasons of the Catholic liturgical calendar and holy days. Here are twenty-one free printable stained glass window style coloring pages to help with lesson planning. Free Printable Stations of the Cross and Rosary Stained Glass Coloring Pages

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