Teaching Math with Pizza: Numbers, Operations, Fractions, Ratios, Proportions

 In special education, we make content approachable by teaching hands-on, multisensory (using smell, touch, taste) lessons. This is important for LD (learning disabled), ADHD (attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder) and CI (cognitively impaired) students. From 25 years teaching, I say it's essential for all students. Activities with food are ideal. Here are math lessons using pizza, for kids in preschool to middle school. Expand some concepts with paper and pencil, but use some real food. Kids sometimes misbehave because they're hungry. Teaching with food meets two objectives: making content easier to visualize and improves receptivity to learning.Teaching Math with Pizza: Numbers, Operations, Fractions, Ratios, Proportions

Homeschool Service Projects, Printable Memorial Day Greeting Cards for Seniors

Memorial Day and 4th of July conjure up images of flags, parades, flowers, soldiers, banners and all that is most beautiful in America. You may not think of Memorial Day as a holiday for sending greeting cards, especially with the high cost of cards and postage. But Remembrance Day (another name for Memorial Day) is a particularly special day for soldiers and the elderly. Senior citizens love patriotic holidays like the 4th of July and Decoration Day (yet another Memorial Day name). They remember with nostalgia the soldiers coming home from overseas, the parades, those loved and lost. Seniors also really enjoy receiving greeting cards. National holidays are bittersweet for relatives of fallen soldiers and for those who served in the armed forces.

Here's a homeschool service project. Send a greeting card to a soldier, sailor, veteran or senior citizen for Memorial Day. If you're teaching, leading a scout troop or homeschooling this a great community give-back. Here are websites with free printable greeting cards. All pay sites, sites which require permanent downloads have been cleared off this search list, providing you will safe easy free printing.  Free Printable 4th of July or Memorial Day Greeting Cards

My Most Epic Parenting Fails Mothering Young Girls

We mom-bloggers happily share our parenting successes; the failures, not so much. Positivity is good, but readers don't want to hear only triumphs. Acknowledging failure keeps it real and balanced. As much (maybe more) is learned from mistakes. As mom to two boys and two girls, I've fouled up generally, but here are my epic fails specifically parenting young daughters.My Most Epic Parenting Fails Mothering Young Girls

Free Cinco De Mayo Printable Lesson Plans and Coloring Pages

Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican may sound like the equivalent of our Fourth of July; But the Fifth of May is the day Mexicans remember the Battle or Puebla, not the Mexican Independence Day.
Cinco de Mayo is a great way to explore the culture, holidays, dress, customs, food, music and traditions of our American cousins to the south.
Here are lots of websites for you to explore with free printable lesson plans, games, activities, puzzles, sentence completion, games and projects. You'll find links for social studies, geography, science, culture, reading, art, literature and some math also. These sites do not add any unwanted spyware or adware to your computer. They do not ask for personal information or require the download of any software or toolbar.  Free Cinco De Mayo Printable Lesson Plans and Coloring Pages

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