World Religion Teacher Skips Pagan, Mythology For Jedi

I'm big on solidarity with teachers. Being a scrappy union girl, I'll take their part any day over administration. But lazy teaching still irks me. Being certified and unable to find work myself, teachers bungling a job I could do blindfolded colossally peeves me.
Case in point: our daughter's world religion teacher. He taught the major five--Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam. Cursorily and too fast if you ask me--class has only been in session for two months, pock-marked by snow days. Now he has time left, so he polled them on what to end with. The choices were Greek or Roman mythology or Jedi. World Religion Teacher Ignores Pagan, Mythology For Jedi

Why Little Black Sambo Is Not Racist, Is Good Childrens Literature

I have a confession to make. My oldest daughter's favorite book, when she was two, was "Little Black Sambo," by Helen Bannerman. I feel like I should whisper ashamedly to admit that. Sambo has developed a cult hatred by those who believe the book to be racist and stereotyped. I looked at the images and concepts inside out and can't find any problem with. And normally, I would be the first to object. Granted, I didn't grow up in the era when it was written. So I can't speak to Bannerman's perspective. But then none of us living now were living in 1898, no one can claim to know what prompted her. I can find no shame of, only love for her main character in her writing.

Initially, I had no idea people found it racist, but even when I found out, I didn't stop reading it. Sambo is one of my favorite children in literature. And he was my daughter's too. How could I tell a toddler that I wouldn't read her favorite book? It's not like it was Penthouse! This is my apology (in the defense sense of the word) for and to Little Black Sambo. I'm connecting it to Black History Month because I think it should be read with pride and joy. An Apology for Little Black Sambo

Healthy School Snack Menu For Alphabet Lesson Plans

I'm a special needs certified teacher and former homeschooler. My big thing in teaching is to make learning interactive and multisensory. My students didn't just see and hear. They touched, smelled, tasted, did. I love to use food to teach. Here's a menu of school snacks for each letter of the alphabet. I've done letters up to F and will do other letters later. Click the link +Alphabet-food on the article to find the rest. Read onHealthy School Snack Menu For Letter F

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