Free Printable Weather Lesson Plans, Earth Science Activities, Coloring Pages

Free Printable Weather Lesson Plans, Activities, Coloring Pages Speaking as a veteran teacher and homeschooler, I have found that children learn best when they are actively engaged. Planning a unit on weather, science or safety? Here are free printable coloring pages and activity booklets from the National Weather Service. These printables include activities on emergency preparedness, health epidemics, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, drought, heat waves, tsunamis and more. printable severe weather lesson plans

Free Printable Hubble Space Telescope Lesson Plans

Free Printable Hubble Space Telescope Lessons The link to this content has changed. It was originally written for Yahoo! Beta Local Detroit. I'm in the process of redoing it. In the meantime, here's the direct link to the Detroit Science Center teacher resource page. The IMAX theater at the Detroit Science Center is an invaluable teaching tool for teachers and home school families. When we homeschooled our children, I was always on the lookout for great outside-the-box community connections and learning experiences. We visited the the IMAX theater in Grand Rapids 13 years ago when it was brand-new. The kids were fascinating by the presentation and learned a great deal about geography from the film. Here are free printable Hubble space telescope, solar system and astronomy lesson plans. printable Hubble Space Telescope lessons

Typhoon Nesat--Pedring, Typhoon Nalgae--Quiel Batters Philippines, Vietnam, China

In Nesat- Pedring's Wake, Typhoon Nalgae- Quiel Batters Beleaguered Philippines In the wake of Typhoon Nesat, known as locally as "Pedring," the Philippines is struggling with yet another onslaught from Typhoon Naglae, or Quiel. Quiel is making landfall in Palanan Bay, in Isabela province with Signal 3 winds. Signal 3 means 101-180 kph or 75-115 mph wind speeds and is equivalent to a Category 1or 2 hurricane. Read more...

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