Free Printable St Nicholas Day Crafts and Activities

Free Printable St Nicholas Day Crafts and Activities December 6 marks the Feast Day of the popular saint of Christmas, St. Nicholas. Nicholas was a 4th century bishop in Asia Minor and is the patron saint of Russia and Holland. Here are free printable St. Nicholas activities for your family, homeschool, religious education classes and Catholic school students. Explore St. Nicholas the man, the legend, the bishop and the saint. St Nicholas Day printables

Free Printable Stone Soup Lesson Plans for Thanksgiving

Friendship Soup and Stone Soup Classroom Lesson Plan Activities for Thanksgiving When I was in kindergarten we did a classroom Thanksgiving activity that has stuck with me all my life: Friendship Soup, also called "Stone Soup" (taken from the old legend retold by Marcia Brown). Perfect for scouts, homeschool and church groups, making Friendship Soup or Stone Soup shows what wonderful things can happen when people share. This lesson plans gives teachers a lot of bang for their time investment. "Stone Soup" is easy to make, satisfies everyone and provides some nice pragmatic and esoteric lessons. Read more...

Best Books and Movies for Veterans Day

Books and Movies for Veterans Day Veterans Day remembers and celebrates the lives and efforts of soldiers, sailors and airmen the world over and especially those who gave the last full measure. It has been said of World War One that it very nearly obliterated an entire generation. In the wake of this most dreadful time followed prohibition, speakeasies, organized crime, the Jazz Age, the Stock Market crash, the migration of masses from the farm to the city and ultimately the Depression and World War Two. The disillusionment felt after World War One was expressed in literary, music, art, education, theater, financial and political upheavals felt round the world. From a 25 year teacher and homeschool mom, here are the best books to read and movies to watch, to a get a feel for this holiday. Veterans Day lesson plans

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