Romney, Santorum Example of How Not to Debate

In another battle of wits (figuratively speaking), GOP frontrunners Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have embarrassed both themselves and our nation, once more. In Arizona, says Real Clear Politics, each had his barbs tipped and both managed to speak very much, say very little and accomplish nothing more than to give viewers a collective brain ache. Their behavior is juvenile and a bad example to kids about how to debate or even interact with each other. Read more at In Arizona Debates, Romney and Santorum Represent Juvenile Posturing

Free Printable Election Lesson Plans Voting, Super Tuesday

U.S. General Election Day is always the first Tuesday in November. I remember in 1972, our school was immersed in the Nixon-McGovern election. We staged debates and mock elections, explored voting booths and campaigned for our candidate. It was a great hands-on learning experience.  42 years later, we have technology and the internet to help us teach voting, elections and politics. Here are free lesson plans, puzzles, quizzes, games, writing prompts and coloring pages to explore. 
Ed Helper has free printable Super Tuesday lesson plans. Click around for election, history and social studies unit themes. Print vocabulary, timelines, issues, electoral college, Inauguration Day and more. 
ABC Teach features election day lesson plans that are free to print. Click for printable voting lessons too. Print KWL charts, voting graphics, math graphing activities, creative and response writing, comparison/contrast (candidates and past elections), history and literature connections, mock election forms, debate rubrics, student senate formats, issues awareness. Look for graphic organizers on foreign policy, how to vote, timeline of voting rights, constitution, branches of government, political parties and other election-related subjects.
Education World offers a sophisticated, multicultural look at the political system. Check out the interactive election activities, maps and timelines available. 
A to Z Teacher Stuff provides a compendium of free printable voting and election lesson plans. Scroll through till you find what you need for your classroom grade and student population. 

Special needs teachers, you'll appreciate these interactive election lesson plans. Hands-on activities help disabled children learn in ways that are suited to their abilities. 

Free Printable Valentines Day Lesson Plans Activities

Valentines Day represents a party, candy and cards for children, but for teachers, it may not have such positive images. Kids overloaded with yet another sugar rush, another missed day of instruction time and a messy classroom when the bell rings at 3:30. And for parents, the dark days of February can mean another snow day and bored kids. How about some free printable Valentine's Day coloring pages, cut and paste, games, lessons, puzzles and activities to keep the kids at home or students in school engaged and productive? Read more at Free Valentine Lesson Plans and Activities

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