Free Printable "Frankenstorm" Lesson Plans--Hurricane Sandy, Earthquakes, Earth Science, Emergency Preparedness

"Frankenstorm" is the nickname meteorologists are giving to a trifecta of hurricane, snow and nasty weather, converging on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. This "perfect storm" mass, which includes the notorious Hurricane Sandy, is due to collide over NYC and New Jersey on October 31, 2012--Halloween (hence the name). What causes storms? How can families stay safe? Here are resources to help children learn more about earth science, weather, natural disasters and mostly importantly, emergency preparedness.  This article was written about earthquakes, but the resources are the same for storms and hurricanes. These resources can be printed and used in home schools and classrooms. If you're in Frankenstorm's path, please, avail yourself of these helps and get ready. Forewarned is forearmed. Read on Free Frankenstorm, Hurricane Sandy Lesson Plans, 

Free Printable Eastern Orthodox Catholic Coloring Activities

 September 1 marks the Eastern Orthodox Church's new liturgical year. The Christian Orthodox church, whose branches include Russian, Ukrainian, Slavic, Slavonic and Greek Orthodox, is linked to the Byzantine Church. The eastern rite churches follow most of the same practices as the Christian Catholic church, such as veneration of saints, icons, holy relics and martyrs. Here are free printable coloring pages, activities and lesson plans on Orthodox Chrisitianity. Free Printable Eastern Orthodox Catholic Coloring Activities

Free Printable American Literature Lesson Plans and Activities

American literature is a prerequisite class for graduation across the US. Everyone has to get through American lit either by struggling, strolling or striding. A basic grasp of literary constructs is necessary for almost any job or career. For the teacher who struggles to impart wisdom, meaning and life lessons in literature, it may be a matter of swimming upstream. How about some free printable American literature lesson plans to help? Read on  Free Printable American Literature Lesson Plans and Activities

Free Printable Animal Habitats Coloring Pages from Jim Arnosky

Jim Arnosky has been a favorite author/ illustrator in our family for two decades. I remember our oldest daughter reading in her baby lisp from Arnosky's "Raccoons and Ripe Corn." She was five and making a story tape Christmas present for a brother. Since writing "Raccoons and Ripe Corn," Jim Arnosky has written and illustrated over 50 books about animals and nature. He also has an endearing series called The Crinkleroot Books, about a lovable naturist with a handsome grey beard (Mr.Arnosky's alterego?). It is evident that Jim Arnosky's loves nature and wildlife from every biome. Jim Arnosky has explored many habitats and shares his knowledge with us. Here are free printable animal coloring pages from Arnosky (I'm chagrined that in this article, I spelled "raccoon" wrong. Some teacher, eh? I must have been thinking of the Latin spelling (not!). Anyway, apologies. Use these coloring pages for the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi (patron saint of animals) lesson plans. His feast day is October 4. You could coordinate them with a Blessing of the Pets! Here's Arnosky's alligator page. I recently tracked gators in Louisiana visiting our now grown daughter (the story reader). Free Printable Animal Habitat Lesson Plans

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