Interactive Geography Games, Earth Science, Landforms Craft Activities

Easy Hands On Geography Landforms Lesson Plan Many people have questioned the education system for replacing geography and history with the more generic social studies. Geography and history are still taught but there are plenty of gaps. Here's a hands on geography, landforms, earth science lesson plan that mixes math, measurement, chemistry and geography. hands on geography lessons

Free Printable Measurement Tools-- Metric Ruler, Protractor, Square

Free Printable Math Measurement Tools: Standard, Ruler, Metric Ruler, Tape Measure, ProtractorFree printable protractor, standard and  metric rulers, squares. Perfect to print and laminate for your homeschool  students. Great for teaching life skills and personal responsibility, as well as math and geometry. free printable math tools

Free Printable Maps, Landforms Coloring Pages for Geography

Free Printable Topography, Geography and Landforms Coloring Pages, Worksheets and Activities Free printable landforms maps and diagrams, topography maps, color and label activities for geography and earth science. Use for lesson plans, reinforcement, quizzes, tests. Print unlabeled for student activities and labeled for answer key. free printable landforms worksheets

Free Printable Animal classification worksheets, zoology Lesson Plans

Earth Month in April is a great time to explore zoos in your area. Most all zoos offer free printable zoo activities and zoology lesson plans and activities for teachers and parents. Print these zoo activities for your classroom or homeschool. Whether you visit John Ball Zoo or not, you can still enjoy these free printable zoo activities and zoology worksheets. Local teachers use these zoology printables for self-guided tours and follow-up classroom activities. Anyone can print these activity guides and use them.
John Ball Society Body Coverings Scavenger Hunt is geared for the youngest zoo visitors, this five page free printable zoology activity book is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten. Use the scavenger hunt science lesson plans at any local zoo. Help children locate and classify different types of zoo animals body coverings: fur, skin, hair, shell, scales, feathers. These pre-reading science lesson plans prepare students for exploration of the groups in the animal kingdom. No zoo nearby? Use your classroom, home book collection, library or even your children's stuffed animal collection.
John Ball Zoo Animals Classification Activities is a free printable zoo animals science lesson plans booklet to help grades one and two begin to use characteristics and labels to classify animals: reptile, amphibian, insect, mammal, bird, fish. Plenty of classification practice, coloring pages and zoo animals science lesson plans for follow-up to zoo activities, field trips, classroom exploration or homeschool activity.
JBZoo Animals Adaptations Activities offers a free printable science lesson plans to help grades 3 and 4 explore how animals adapt to their environment. These activities cover predator-prey relationships, protective covering, camouflage, scent, bodily features and habitat. These activities cover food, shelter and reproduction also.

There are also free printable zoology activities booklets on lions, penguins and chimpanzees. Visit Official USA to find information about your state's zoos. Click the link to your state. Scroll down to "zoos" and then visit local zoo websites to see what great free printable zoo animals activities and self-guided tour activity packages may be available. Use this website to plan any zoo activities also. This is great way to prepare for a field trip or family visit.

Celebrate National Reading Month with a Living History Wax Museum

Celebrate Read Across America with a Living History Wax Museum In honor of Dr. Seuss, March has been declared National Reading Month. The NEA has instituted Read Across America, offering fun, educational activities for schools. Why not celebrate National Reading Month with a Living History Wax Museum? living history wax museum

Business Games, Consumer Money Math Lesson Plans

Hands-On Business and Money Math Lessons Student Entrepreneur Manufacturers Marketplace In my never-ending quest to make learning more hands-on and content more approachable, here is a school activity that combines business and money math, writing, design, marketing, public relations and organization: it's called Manufacturer's Marketplace. free money math lessons

Free Printable Grocery List

Free Printable Grocery List As a home school family, our children were involved in the organization of the family grocery shopping. Grocery shopping makes great money and business math lessons. This grocery shopping list includes all foods, health and beauty aids and household products. To print this grocery shopping list, you may click the 'print' icon, or copy and paste into your wordpad, notepad, Word or Wordperfect document maker. free printable grocery list

Free Printable George Washington Carver Activity Booklet and Lesson Plans

Free Printable George Washington Carver Activity Booklet and Lesson Plans
George Washington Carver, born into slavery and orphaned as an infant, went on lead the nation in agricultural research. Dr. Carver reinvented the peanut and sweet potato. Use this free printable activity book to explore Dr. George Washington Carver.
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Yoga and Homeschool: Healthy Breathing and Stretching Improves Learning

Yoga in School Classroom: Stretching and Breathing for Healthy Body, Healthy Mind In school classrooms, we often put the cart before the horse. Before we can educate a child's mind we must tend to his bodily needs. A tired, hungry, uncomfortable child does not learn well. Using yoga stretching fosters learning. kids yoga

Free Printable Dr Seuss Lesson Plans

Free Green Lesson Plans: Dr. Seuss, The Lorax Lesson plans using Dr. Seuss's The Lorax in the curriculum. Literature-based activities using Seuss's. Multiage, different learning modalities, multisensory, covers many subject areas. Green earth friendly lesson plans for ecology and Earth Day. Great for earth science, environmental science, biology, life science, preschool. free environmental science lessons

Recipes for Oobleck for Dr. Seuss 'Read Across America': 'Bartholomew and the Oobleck'

Recipes for Oobleck: From Dr. Seuss's Book 'Bartholomew and the Oobleck'
Dr. Seuss celebrates his birthday on March 2. We celebrate Dr. Seuss legacy of literature. Dr. Seuss's charming fable Bartholomew and the Oobleck is pure Seuss fun. Here are recipes to make oobleck with your children, homeschool or students. Read More

Dr. Seuss Books for Middle School, High School Lesson Plans

Using Dr. Seuss Books to Teach Economics, History, Political Science,  Sociology Lessons Guidelines for using four classic Dr. Seuss books to teach lessons in ethics, government, civics, current affairs, current events and sociology. All you need are copies of The Lorax, Yertle the Turtle, Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose, Horton Hears a Who and several other Dr. Seuss classics. Dr Seuss lesson plans

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