Healthy Apple Themed Treats Kids Can Make

 Preschool lessons tend to follow weekly themes. So I thought, why not write a week of recipes for school snacks that kids can help make? Make lessons hands on getting kids in the kitchen and cooking! Last month's theme was Back to School snacks. Now for late September, this week's theme is autumn apple harvest. Here are fall-inspired kids snacks, easy, cheap, fresh and lunchbox-friendly. Being from the apple capitol--Michigan--I'm kind of an apple connoisseur. My favorites for cooking, baking and eating are Macintosh, Jonathon, Granny Smith, Jonamac, Paula Red and Ida Red. Weekly Menu, Healthy Apple Themed Kids Treats for September. Oh and for more great apple math and science activities, here's my article on that! Appletastic fun.

How to Rescue Toddler Messes and Make Something Awesome!

In 2000, I was homeschooling our elder three, baby was 2 and I was pregnant with number 5. Life veered toward crazy on a daily basis. It was during one of these hectic homeschool mornings, somewhere between Latin, algebra and a tectonic plates experiment, that the toddler decided to bake a cake.

And being made by a toddler, it wasn't destined to be anything but an epic oopsie. No I don't mean THAT kind of oops. Gross. And just how did a toddler access the baking supplies cupboard? Clearly, whoever asks has never encountered a kid. Children have reflexes of a mongoose and speed of Ninjas. Here's a little vignette on how we repurposed that cake fail, keeping toddler's feelings intact, and won accolades at the church potluck. (Toddler is the charming young lady on the right, now a teen). How to Rescue a Toddler Oopsie Cake

Start the School Year With Volunteer Service Project

 Back to School sales are a great time to stock up on stocking stuffers for Christmas cheap gifts for holiday toy donations. If you're homeschooling, involve kids in holiday donations. Make it a family volunteer service project. Looking for a good children's charity to give to this holiday season? Try Operation Christmas Child from Samaritans Purse. The website gives you loads of educational support and printable activities. Great for social studies. Help kids explore the world and build empathy with other cultures. Best Childrens Charities for Holiday Toy Drives Operation Christmas Child

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