How to Rescue Toddler Messes and Make Something Awesome!

In 2000, I was homeschooling our elder three, baby was 2 and I was pregnant with number 5. Life veered toward crazy on a daily basis. It was during one of these hectic homeschool mornings, somewhere between Latin, algebra and a tectonic plates experiment, that the toddler decided to bake a cake.

And being made by a toddler, it wasn't destined to be anything but an epic oopsie. No I don't mean THAT kind of oops. Gross. And just how did a toddler access the baking supplies cupboard? Clearly, whoever asks has never encountered a kid. Children have reflexes of a mongoose and speed of Ninjas. Here's a little vignette on how we repurposed that cake fail, keeping toddler's feelings intact, and won accolades at the church potluck. (Toddler is the charming young lady on the right, now a teen). How to Rescue a Toddler Oopsie Cake

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