Labor Day Back-to-School Party for Kids

 Labor Day--the last great summer hurrah. It's a time of summer endings and fall beginnings. Why not end summer and start the school year off on a fun note with a back-to-school party on Labor Day or after? Here's an easy and cheap kids' party plan for students in preschool to middle elementary.

* Choose a positive theme. This gets kids excited about school. Make it a shoe theme with the slogan "We're putting our best foot forward." Or do a football theme--"Kicking off a great year." Or a book theme--"Reading to Infinity and Beyond!" Get some volunteer credit in hosting a school supplies drive for those in need. Read on... Throw a back-to-school bash for your kids

How a Mom of Four Saves 80 Percent on Back to School Shopping

Labor Day means children return to school. It also means back to school shopping. If you haven't finished shopping, don't worry. I've raised four children; here are do's and don'ts to save 80 percent on school supplies and clothing. Don't fall for all the back to school marketing ploys. Stores loves that BTS selling mojo. And truthfully, parents love back to school sales as much as merchandisers do. What's not love about $.15 crayons? So take advantage of sales like that. but wait to find out what your child's teacher actually requires before making bigger purchases. Take it from a teacher, many store school supply lists trick you into buying things you don't need.  How a Mom of Four Saves 80 Percent on Back to School Shopping

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