Free Printable Black History Month Lesson Plans and Activities

Carter G. Woodson created the idea of Black History Month in 1926, but it wasn't until 50 years later when the first February Black History Month was celebrated during the United States bicentennial. Here are free printable black history lessons. Black History Month explores the history, culture, struggles and contributions of the Aftrican diaspora (displaced or forced immigration population) in the US, Canada and UK (they observe African-American history month in October). Use these activities in your classroom or homeschool. Read more here: Free Printable Black History Month Lesson Plans and Activities

Free Printable Dragon Lesson Plans for CNY

 Chinese New Year begins today. The Chinese zodiac is distinguished by 12 animals. 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Here are activities and ideas for teachers and parents to explore Chinese tradition. You'll find recipes, history, culture, free printable dragon and paper lantern crafts, games, coloring pages and literature connections. Chinese New Year for Parents and Kids

Free Printable Chinese New Year Party Planner

Chinese New Year Party Planner The Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon begins January 23, 2012. Ring in CNY with a party for your classroom, home-school group, scout troop, 4-H club or any other venue you have to explore diversity and culture. A cultural celebration can spark some light in a stale, dragging school year. This party planner includes the elements of a good lesson as well as a good party: food, free printable coloring, music, games, crafts, social studies activities and literature connections. Read on...

Free Printable Chinese New Year Coloring Pages, Crafts and Activities

Free Printable Chinese New Year Coloring Pages, Crafts and Activities I confess that as a child and into adulthood I've always delighted in Chinese culture. As a teacher, I like to immerse my students in the celebrations, artifacts, food, religion, music, crafts and customs of other lands. Chinese New Year is a great opportunity to do just that. CNY begins late January or early February. Check the Chinese zodiac on the left to see which animal year it is. (Ahem, dragons rule!) Here are free printable crafts, coloring and activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year with students, family, homeschool and scouts. These websites have Chinese zodiac crafts, animal crafts, party decorations, Chinese New Year greeting cards and coloring pages galore. Click here

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