Free printable patriotic American crafts for US holiday history lesson plans

Several US national holidays center on patriotic events in American history--Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Election Day, Constitution Day and Presidents Day. So here are free printable patriotic crafts and red white and blue crafts and art projects. These free printable activities might easily be used as lesson plans for school or homeschool to teach American history, government, civics, social studies, geography, current events, US history and other similar classes.

All Crafts has a blowout of red white and blue crafts projects to use for major US national holidays. Use these free printable patriotic crafts for US national holidays like Memorial Day and 4th of July but also for lesson plans on Presidents Day, Constitution Day or even Election Day. 

Pecuniarities has a cute free printable toy soldiers crafts, perfect for Presidents Day and military holidays and US national holidays. Print toy soldiers, cut them out, wrap around toilet paper tubes and glue. Free Kids Crafts offers free printable patriotic crafts, games, activities, puzzles, paper dolls and paper airplanes. Use these for American history or Presidents Day activities!

The Toymaker has free printable patriotic crafts, red white and blue crafts and American history art projects. Making Friends always has lots of great crafts, including free printable patriotic crafts and RWB activities. You'll like the games,puzzles and mazes for US national holidays too. 

Teacher Vision has a bunch of educational free printable patriotic crafts. DL-TK has a loads of free printable red white and blue crafts and art projects and patriotic crafts for American history and US national holidays. Activity Village has free printable red white and blue crafts and art projects for all US national holidays. Here's the Presidents Day page but check the side menu and home page for season by season holiday activities.

'Blackfish' orca dies at SeaWorld: lesson plans on captive orcas 'killer whale' Tilikum

 2017 takes up where 2016 left off in celebrity deaths. Just days into the new year, a celebrated face passed. But it's animal, not human. Tilikum, the famed “Blackfish” orca died at SeaWorld, still in captivity. After 36 years in captivity at the Orlando amusement park, the "killer whale" is free at last. The cause of death is still unknown, but linked to a bacterial infection and perhaps health problems from limited movement. Tilikum’s backstory framed the documentary “Blackfish” and moved the protest to get the captive orca released from the tiny cages they call home. Here is information on Tilikum's sad story that you can use in lesson plans   'Blackfish' orca dies at SeaWorld: 36-y/o captive 'killer whale' Tilikum is free at last

100+ super cheap stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts

Looking for super cheap stocking stuffers? I'm not talking about what stores consider "budget" Christmas gifts priced at $5-$15. That's not bargain that's over-priced, especially for stocking filler gifts. By inexpensive, I mean like 10 cents to a buck. Well here are over 100 cheap but nice Christmas presents for stockings that kids will love! Halloween alternatives: 100+ non-food, non-candy Trick-or-Treat prizes, giveways

Free Thanksgiving holiday crafts, games, greeting cards, coloring pages, printables

Hey homeschool parents, are you also penny pinchers who love to save money and get free stuff? Well, here's your dream come true and just in time for the holidays--free printable Thanksgiving lesson plabns and goodies. Print free seasonal decorations, crafts, coloring pages and party games. Kids will love making greeting cards from holiday printables. Get Halloween and Christmas printables too. Pumpkin carving patterns, snowflake templates, gingerbread house templates, Advent calendars and more.    Free Thanksgiving holiday crafts, games, greeting cards, coloring pages, printables

Writing prompts, reading activities with flair: Personalized books, name stories

 Teaching children, or even adults how to read works best with interactive reading activities. Here are no-fail hands-on reading activities and writing prompts, guaranteed to help anyone of any age improve reading skills. Teach reading activities by having students write personalized books of name stories using their own names. What is the first word most people learn to read and write? Their own name and who doesn't love to see his own name in print? And what interests a child more than stories about themselves?  Writing prompts, reading activities with flair: Personalized books, name stories |

Math facts homework practice kit, homemade Montessori math learning center

Montessori and Math Their Way teach math in hands-on learning center tasks, as opposed to paper-and-pencil lessons. Here's a homemade mini math learning center. Use this shoebox math facts practice kit for independent, on-the-go learning. Retention of math facts and operations is vital for higher math. Use this math homework practice kit to reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Children should practice 5-10 minutes 4-5 times a week.  Math facts homework practice kit, homemade Montessori math learning center |

Montessori preschool learning centers: Homeschool wood working, woodshop ideas

 May is Homeschool Awareness Month. Have you ever tried or considered trying homeschool with your children? Here are some activities for implementing homeschool lesson plans. A popular homeschool method is with learning centers and one of the most popular preschool learning centers is woodshop. In the old days, kids made wood working projects with scrap wood, hammer and nails. Modern preschool learning centers can't use real tools for wood working activities for safety reasons. But some programs such as High/Scope and Montessori preschool teach children adult tasks using child-sized versions of grownup tools. Here are safe, child-sized wood working and woodshop activities for Montessori preschool learning centers Montessori preschool learning centers: Homeschool wood working, woodshop ideas |

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