Groundhog Day lesson planner, activities and free printables

Groundhog Day, February 2, is kind of a silly holiday but it breaks up the monotony of winter. It's a good time to teach lesson plans on animal hibernation, calendar, seasons and other science facts. A-Z Teacher Stuff has a collection of free printable Groundhog Day worksheets and activities.

Use groundhog themed lesson plans to teach earth's orbit around the sun, length of days, calendar skills, math, sorting, graphing, writing and counting. Preschool kids love it when teachers incorporate holiday themes into lesson plans. Use free printable groundhogs worksheets for a booklet of activities. Perhaps it could be used as homework?

Groundhog Day is the homepage of the Punxatawney Phil groundhogs club. There are many cute free printable Groundhog Day worksheets and interactive activities for teachers for Feb. 2. Print cut-outs of groundhogs and explore the science of light and shadows. Make thumbprint groundhogs for arts and crafts. Let kids enjoy coloring pages of groundhogs. For fun hands-on lesson plans, do tracings of groundhogs, which are kind of like shadows. 

Throw a Groundhog Day party for preschool, special needs and younger elementary age kids. Serve "groundhog food"(aka trail mix). Give kids bags with dried cereal, raisins, M&Ms and pretzels. Or set out a veggie tray which rodents would love. Read books about rodents, such as "Hooway for Wodney Wat" and "Francis" the badger stories. 

Pinners, welcome!

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