Jewish Yom Hashoah Holocaust Remembrance Day Lesson Plans

January 27 marks Yom Hashoah, the UN Day of Remembrance commemorating of the Jewish Holocaust. The Holocaust is remembered on this day because it is the day which the Russians liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland. An estimated 6 million Jewish people died in what Heinrich Himmler of Hitler's third Reich called the Final Solution to the 'Jewish Problem'.  Jewish Holocaust Memorial Lesson Plans and Web Help 

Establishing Your Writer Style and Voice.

I've been writing and blogging online for pay since 2005. I earn sustainable income, enough that I could quit my job and work at home. I write tips on how to do that. Today's is: follow your bliss, not someone else's. Write to your interests and knowledge base. Do what works for you. Don't try to imitate someone else you perceive to be more successful.   Writing for the Web 101 Follow Your Bliss (Not Others)

Books for Chinese New Year Grades Preschool to Grade 2

 Chinese New Year celebrates the culture of the east. CNY 2014 is Year of the Horse. What better way to explore oriental culture than with literature? Here is a collection of kids' books of oriental wisdom. Some books are specifically Chinese stories and others are Japanese Buddhist stories. The Chinese New Year encompasses its traditional animals of the zodiac. Since most Buddhist stories involve animals, I thought these books would be appropriate. These stories are suited to children preschool to grade 2. Childrens' Literature for Chinese New Year and Oriental Culture: Preschool Through Second Grade

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