Living History: Native American/ French Voyageur Encampment

Feast of the Strawberry Moon Make it a point to visit Grand Haven, Michigan the third weekend in June for the Feast of the Strawberry Moon. A traditional Native American and French Voyageur encampment, circa 1760s. A week-end full of activities: military, French voyageur and native Americans. See traditional dress, longhouses, tipis, tents, military demonstrations, cooking, crafts, artisans, suttlers, artifacts, transportation, weaponry, dwelling and living styles. Feast of the Strawberry Moon

Free Printable Disney Lesson Plans

Free Printable Disney Education Activities: Spelling, Math, Reading Want to spark some fun in learning? Why not print some of these free printable Disney lessons? Learn math, story problems, money, telling time, spelling and reading with Disney cartoon friends! free printable Disney lessons

Free Printable Holy Week Activities, Coloring, Puzzles, Crafts, Games

Free Printable Holy Week Activities I've been combing the internet for free printable Holy Week activities. Here are links to 100+ free printable coloring pages,word searches, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, games and crafts for Holy Week and Easter. free holy week lessons

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