Free Printable Hidden Pictures Puzzles from Highlights Magazine

Jan. 29 is National Puzzles Day and some of the most enjoyable puzzle games are hidden pictures, like those in Highlights magazine. Remember Highlights magazine with those awesome hidden pictures puzzles? Hidden object picture puzzles have an image with little pictures hidden inside. Here are free printable hidden object picture puzzles from Highlights magazine and other websites. Highlights magazine hidden pictures puzzles are similar to Scholastic I Spy books.
Highlights magazine has about one hundred free printable hidden pictures puzzles from past issues of Highlights magazines. There are all sorts of main images from which to choose. Print in black and white. After children find all the hidden pictures in the puzzles, they can color the picture. All Kids Network has more free printable hidden picture puzzles and Highlights magazine coloring pages.
About Puzzles offers links to an assortment of free printable hidden object picture puzzles, similar to I Spy games. Here are free printable I Spy puzzle games There are connect the dots, mazes, find the difference and hidden pictures. Print a I Spy games and Hidden object picture puzzles booklet for home, classroom, homeschool, rainy day fun, day care and summer enrichment activities. Hidden Pictures build children's visual acuity and help them learn to focus and pay attention. But be careful; I Spy games and hidden pictures games puzzles can become habit forming. You may find your child hiding in his fort totally engrossed in solving hidden object puzzles.

Some kids were lucky to have a Highlights magazine subscription, but others could only do the puzzles at the doctor's office where inevitably some other kid had already circled all the hidden pictures. Print these hidden puzzle pictures and show your children some great puzzle fun. Hidden pictures games make learning fun and interactive. Hidden object picture puzzles make great lesson plan activities for special needs students who often struggle with visual and perceptual skills. For more free printable hidden object picture puzzles and other games visit my blog Free Safe Kids Games.

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