French Voyageur Ursuline Dame School

I'm a reenactor for our local museum. Every year we do the Feast of the Strawberry Moon. It's a 1760s French Voyageur encampment. It represents the early history of our city, Grand Haven Michigan, which was settled by French missionaries and fur traders. A friend and I teach a period dame school and old-fashioned games. We both homeschooled our kids and are very hands-on teachers. Our kids dress in costume and help. Some have been youth docents. Teacher Mama Reenacts French Voyageur Ursuline Dame School

Free Printable Vacation Bible School Activities

Summer brings all sorts of favorite family traditions and activities. One very popular summer activity is VBS, or Vacation Bible School. Almost every local church sponsors a week-long Vacation Bible School. And don't let the term 'school' intimidate you. Most VBS programs are fun-filled, interactive and kid-friendly. Students spend a week making crafts, playing games, learning about religious concepts and making friends. Teaching VBS is a great tween or teen service project. Churches typically charge little or nothing for their VBS programs. And if there is a charge, it doesn't even begin to cover the cost of supplies and materials. Using free printable VBS materials from internet websites is an excellent way to defray costs. I've found links with free printable Bible crafts, activities, games, lessons and even complete VBS themes. If you have volunteered or been elected to organize or teach at your church's Vacation Bible School you'll want these internet website links to help you in your preparation.  Free Printable Vacation Bible School Activities

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