Home School Field Trips: Behavior and Expectations

Home school Field Trips and Behavior in Public We homeschooled our four children for over ten years. Our motto was 'learn by doing'. We organized 100+ field trips, many as part of a larger group. I've found that one bad apple spoils the bunch.
homeschool field trips

Living History: Native American/ French Voyageur Encampment

Feast of the Strawberry Moon Make it a point to visit Grand Haven, Michigan the third weekend in June for the Feast of the Strawberry Moon. A traditional Native American and French Voyageur encampment, circa 1760s. A week-end full of activities: military, French voyageur and native Americans. See traditional dress, longhouses, tipis, tents, military demonstrations, cooking, crafts, artisans, suttlers, artifacts, transportation, weaponry, dwelling and living styles. Feast of the Strawberry Moon

Free Printable Disney Lesson Plans

Free Printable Disney Education Activities: Spelling, Math, Reading Want to spark some fun in learning? Why not print some of these free printable Disney lessons? Learn math, story problems, money, telling time, spelling and reading with Disney cartoon friends! free printable Disney lessons

Free Printable Holy Week Activities, Coloring, Puzzles, Crafts, Games

Free Printable Holy Week Activities I've been combing the internet for free printable Holy Week activities. Here are links to 100+ free printable coloring pages,word searches, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, games and crafts for Holy Week and Easter. free holy week lessons

Free Printable Homeschool Activities

Free Printable Homeschool Lesson Plans, Activities I've written quite a few articles about free printable activities, coloring pages, crafts and lesson plans. Here is a list of my blogs that you can follow or subscribe to for free printable lesson plans. free printable homeschool lessons

Ash Wednesday Lent Service Project Activities

Lent Devotional, Easter Activities: Fasting, Almsgiving, Prayer Use this lenten almsgiving service project to practice spiritual exercises of fasting and almsgiving. Focus on Social Justice, World Church, missions and prayer. Lesson plans include social studies and math extensions; multiplication, division, counting, sorting, grouping and story problems. Great education for all children. Use for CCD, religious education, classroom service project, home school, scout troop, 4H group and more! homeschool lent devotions

Multiage Classroom--How to Home School Kids of All Ages

Trying to work or homeschool with toddlers and babies can be like trying to pour water into a crack; very little gets in, but a lot of mess happens! Here are several foolproof methods for entertaining the little ones while schooling the big ones. Based on years of parenting and homeschooling, years of teaching in a multiage classroom and work in preschool and day care. Tips based on developmental theory, child-centered philosophy. multiage classrooms

Free Printable Lent Devotions, Easter Egg Activities

You've seen those plastic refillable Easter eggs? Well, how about reusing them for a green devotional craft for lent? Using scripture verses and items to represent the gospel story of the stations of the cross, you can help your family or classroom prepare for Easter. Holy Week is the high point of the Catholic and Orthodox liturgical calendar. Make Holy Week come alive for children with this educational and spiritual family craft. Easy, diy, recyclable, inexpensive and lenten devotions, Easter activity.Bible lesson plans for Easter

Free Home School Teaching Resources

Free Home School Online Resources Complete educational curriculum based entirely on free internet resources.Links, websites, free printable lesson plans, materials, virtual museums and field trips, activities for all ages. Perfect for your diy home school! free printable homeschool materials

Valentines Day Activities-Easy and Inexpensive

Valentine Craft Projects - Make it Easy on Yourself! Inexpensive pre-cut craft projects for all ages at super low prices! Green crafts with less waste. DIY crafts for all ages. Easy instructions. Useful and user-friendly! Great for all ages in the homeschool family! Most crafts under $6-$7 a dozen. Check out Oriental Trading Company. free printable Valentine crafts

Homeschool Basics: Storage and Organization

Teaching Supplies You Need for Homeschooling Detailed description of how to prepare for home schooling or school teaching. Simple system for space saving storage. Green diy materials to collect. Save money on resources. Great for all ages. Great for any family to use! Read more

Free Educational Websites, Online Resources for Homeschoolers

Free Educational Websites Educational websites offering free printable lesson plans, online games, homework help, home school activities. Use for educating children with safe online activities. free educational websites

Free Community Resources and Field Trips

60 FREE (or Cheap) Community Resources Here is a plethora of community resources for families homeschoolers to explore and enjoy, from A (Airport) to Z (zoological gardens). With my frugal Dutch Grannie as my muse we will find you all the deluxe tours for economy prices. Many are free. Weblinks provided. Read more

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