Cheap At Home Family Vacations

Cheap Family Vacations, Cheap At Home Staycations Are you stuck at home this spring break? Everyone else is migrating south for spring break, but your wings have been clipped? You need some at home vacation ideas to enjoy spring break even if you can't travel anywhere. Read More

Kids Bowl Free 2010- Free Bowling all Summer Long!

Kids Bowl Free: Free Bowling Every Day for Kids 16 and Under All Summer Long Do your kids love to bowl? Maybe you don't go bowling frequently because it's too expensive? Well, guess what? All your kids 16 and under can bowl free every day of summer 2010. And families can bowl for $24.95 all summer long. How? Read More

Free Printable Fathers Day Activities

Free Printable Father's Day Cards Free printable Father's Day cards, coloring pages and greetings. Crafts make great hands on learning activities. Helps kids practice cutting skills, scissors and fine motor skills. (And it keeps them happily productive and out of mischief!) Make these crafts outdoors on a sunny day or indoors for rainy day fun! Read More

Fair Discipline for Disruptive Students

How to Manage Student Behavior by Assigning Extra Homework
Managing student behavior in the classroom can be tricky. Should a teacher punish behavior? How can a teacher discipline effectively? How can a teacher discipline a student who disrupts class and won't finish her work? Read More

Using Movies, Films and TV in Homeschool Lesson Plans

Using Movies and Television as Lesson Plans in the Classroom
Showing movies in the classroom is becoming increasingly more popular as entertainment devices and digital technology improves. Do movies, films and television have a place in education? Is it lazy teaching to show a movie in class? Read More

Free Printable Anatomy and Human Body Coloring and Label Activities

Free Printable Human Body and Anatomy Color and Label Activities Coloring and labeling diagrams is a great way to help children learn how things work. When my students explored the human body, we colored and labeled diagrams of body parts. Here are free printable human body coloring and label diagrams. Read More

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