Reasons Parents and Kids Should Cut Back on Facebook

Over a third of Facebook users are spending less time on the social network, says a recent study in Reuters. I'm not surprised. Though I still used my account for networking, I've avoiding Facebook for general use. Here's why.

Yes, I know, I probably sound like an out-of-touch old curmudgeon (can women be that? maybe it's curmudgeoness?). It's not that I've got a problem with socializing or online activities. Much of my work is done online. It's just that Facebook use (and to be fair other social network use) is mushrooming out of control. It's taking over healthy face-to-face dialog and replacing it with shallow, unfulfilling interaction. It's taking its toll on families and relationships. Not only kids, but parents are spending way too much time connected to the net and disconnected at home. Here are some considerations. Seven Reasons I'm Logging Out of Facebook 

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