Advent calendar prayers, almsgiving activities for Catholic Bible Christmas

Parents, are you sick of the commercialization of Christmas? Maybe you need ideas for Bible Christmas activities to counteract the selfishness of a secular Christmas? Perhaps you're looking for ways to teach your children an attitude of gratitude instead this holiday season? There's no better way to do that than by engaging children in acts of charity and service. And there's no better time to practice almsgiving than in Advent. Advent--meaning "coming"--is Catholic Christian season of preparation for Christmas. A Bible Christmas (the real reason for the season) teaches that God gave us His Son Jesus, as a baby to free mortals from sin. God made the ultimate sacrifice, and Catholic Christian believers imitate that love the best they can in corporal and spiritual works of mercy. A Catholic Christian performs acts of charity, mercy, says prayers and sacrifice in her limited human way. She teaches her children the Imitation of Christ starting at his birthday, his Christ-mass. A Catholic Christian family observes the Advent virtues of saying prayers, fasting and almsgiving activities.  Advent calendar prayers, almsgiving activities for Catholic Bible Christmas |

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